FoodSafetyOS™ —
Your Vision, Our Mission.

Food safety solutions tailored to meet your exact needs – delivered via a digital concierge service.

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FoodSafetyOS — Building Smarter Food Safety Tools


Every year, more than 48 million people contract food-borne illnesses from retail food establishments. We founded Relavent Systems with the specific mission to prevent these illnesses.

FoodSafetyOS reflects a unique combination of:

  • An obsessive focus on food safety and the real-world challenges faced by the people responsible for it
  • A team that is deeply passionate about and experienced with all aspects of food safety regulations, processes, and operations
  • Technology that is simple, intuitive, and easy to use

Actively Manage Your Food Safety Operations With FoodSafetyOS

Our concierge approach to food safety delivers tailored, easy to use solutions that drive superior results when compared to static checklists and outdated ways of managing food safety.

Secure, Easy to Access Platform

Cloud-based, mobile platform with advanced features that are available when and where needed.

Behavior-Based Workflows

Tasks that are simple to follow, learn, execute and track.

Integrated Training

Drive consistent behaviors at all levels of the organization.

Alignment with the Food Code

Tasks aligned to mitigate most common food safety violations.

Tools for Management

Insightful food safety dashboard that tracks and monitors your team’s progress.

Efficient Communication

Easily assign tasks and communicate with staff to drive accountability and results.

FoodSafetyOS — How It Works

Tell your digital concierge what food safety workflows you need, and they take care of the rest.

FoodSafetyOS How It Works

Delivering The Right Digital Solutions

For Food Establishments

Active managerial control solutions that reinforce food safety best practices and drive cultures of excellence through daily tasks.

For Food Safety Consultants

A platform consultants use to create customized workflows and plans for their customers to build a culture of food safety excellence.