Strategic Partnerships

People power our business, including our team, our customers, and strategic partners.

We look to create partnerships with groups that share our passion for food safety, believe in our work to support local public health, and use our tools to deliver unprecedented value to their own clients.

The value at the core of our products and services comes from our founders and their work at Berger Food Safety Consulting (BFSC). BFSC is a nationally recognized food safety consulting and training firm that has:

  • Certified over 33,000 students in proper food handling
  • Conducted 10,000+ food safety inspections
  • Provided expert witness in foodborne illness litigation
  • Advised businesses on foodborne illness policy and mitigation

BFSC’s clients span the spectrum from main street food establishments to international hotel and restaurant chains, colleges and universities, stadiums and arenas, and leading hospitality groups.

One of our key strategic relationships is with TSG Consulting, a leading provider of consulting solutions for public health divisions of municipal governments.

Relavent provides software solutions to TSG Consulting that enable their team to use technology to deliver their deep experience and expertise to health departments, including training and optimization, inspectional services, case management, code enforcement, and interim department management, among other valuable services.

Our partners use Relavent’s practical, user-friendly solutions in service of their customers’ needs and contribute to the ongoing development of our new products, including:

FoodCode-Pro, a cloud-based platform designed to help municipal clients execute retail food safety inspections. Based on the FDA Food Code (plus state supplements), this fully digital tool provides food inspectors with an easy-to-use platform that generates a complete inspection checklist and report with supporting detail.

FoodSafetyOS, a mobile platform for food establishments that uses behavior-based tasks that eliminate critical risk factors that can make consumers sick. Clients use the tool to incorporate food safety best practices into their daily work routines, helping to build a culture of food safety excellence.

HousingCode-Pro, a cloud-based complaint management system that supports municipal clients throughout the entire life cycle of a housing complaint. Based on the MA Sanitary code, this fully digital tool enables housing inspectors to easily collect and organize all supporting case information, execute integrated inspections, and generate prefilled OTCs in one simple and intuitive platform.