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Video Resources - Relavent


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      • FoodSafetyOS
      • General Safety


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Sometimes all we need is a quick reminder of how to use a specific feature or function in FoodCode-Pro. We’ve organized video tutorials and instructions on many of the most frequently used functions to help you get what you need done as quickly as possible.


Managing Company Options & User Settings

Adding a New User

Resetting Passwords

Scoring Options


Add New Client Using a Desktop/Laptop

Add New Client Using an iPad

Adding a Document to a Client's File


Version 5 - Dashboard New!
Version 5 - Inspection Walkthrough - New!
Version 5 - Re-Inspection Demo New!
Version 5 - Inspection Detail Screen New!
Version 5 - Improved Observations and New Checklist - New!

The FDA Checklist
Inspection Status - Closed, Locked, Open
Add or Change Areas, PIC's, or Equipment from the Inspection Details Screen


iPad Navigation Tips

Desktop/Laptop Navigation Tips

Synching & Updating FoodCode-Pro

The 3D Violation Search Methods

Email, Text or Share a Report

Omit Others and Show ll Buttons

The Powerful Search Button

Important iPad Settings for Photos and Screen Lock

FoodCode-Pro Logo


Through our founder’s deep expertise and ongoing experience at Berger Food Safety Consulting, a leading, national food safety consulting firm, we have curated the following training videos as a resource to guide the viewer on food safety best practices.

There are also videos, interviews and other resources from industry events that also provide crucial guidance on a variety of food safety issues.

COVID-19 General Training - English

COVID-19 General Training - Spanish

Three Bay Sink Setup

Sanitizing v. Disinfecting

Calibrating Thermometers

Hand-washing and Gloves

High Temp Dish Machines

Starting an Inspection
Starting a Re-Inspection
Starting a New Case
Creating a New Contact
Creating a Checklist Item
Completing the Checklist
Case Detail vs. Case List

Creating a Common Observation
Inserting a Common Observation
Inserting a Case Document
Inserting a Case Note
Inserting a Measurement
Inserting a Photo
Changing the Number of Days for Repair
Completing the OTC
Sending and Saving the OTC & Inspection Report
Schedule a Re-Inspection
Searching for a Violation